Combined transportation


A dedicated team specialized in multi-modal (wagon/sea/land/warehouse/customs clearance) is provided to provide quality door-to-door service based on SCM.

Our strength

Rail transport

Providing professional and reliable service based on many years of CIS regional project transportation experience and strong partnership with major local transportation companies.

International trucking

Fast/accurate transportation management using timely truck supply and real-time tracing based on global network. Proposal of optimal transportation solution for safe cargo transportation.

Overseas logistics base

Design and operate transportation routes and logistics hubs optimized for customer business. Provides one-stop services such as inventory/packaging/order management, shipping, dispatching, and import customs clearance by using skilled personnel, and establishes an internal manual for immediate resolution in case of problems

Integrated Logistics System

Providing the optimal logistics model from the time of shipment of products to the final retailer, and developing and applying customized logistics IT system to provide more accurate and efficient total service


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